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Introducing KA!’s New Kanna Tincture

Expand your consciousness with KA!’s new omnipotent, heart-opening Kanna Tincture. This alcohol-free sublingual Kanna supplement has a quick-onset, allowing you to easily adjust your dose for immediate and long-term benefits. The perfect combination of transporting sandalwood, antimicrobial Acmella, liver-loving Milk Thistle and neuroprotective Ginger come together to form the best Kanna extract on the market. The super plants in this formulation help improve organ function and support the immune and nervous systems while optimizing mental and emotional well-being.

Their team of scientists designed this delicious empathogenic tincture to maximize the bioavailability of healing phytochemicals more than any other Kanna Tincture out there. 

The recommended dose of 20 drops (1 dropper full) = 30mg of Kanna, though you may microdose with less. If you want to start slow, go for 5 drops—you can always take more. Each bottle contains 1g of Kanna, which is approximately 30 doses or a one-month daily supply. Experience the best effects with regular use.

How to experience:

Enjoy on an empty stomach to experience the full spectrum of benefits, brought to you by the best Kanna supplement on earth.

Take a sip of water to wet your palate and prepare it for maximum absorption.

Set an intention as you hold 20 drops (1 full dropper) of our Kanna Tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

If you are particularly sensitive or just want to take it slow, start by microdosing with 5 drops. You can always take more.

Experiment with how many drops your mind, body and spirit calls for in different moments. Take some then listen to your body.

You might feel a wave of calming, euphoric energy almost immediately.

If desired, re-up your dose 30-60 minutes after your initial dose. Do not exceed 60 drops (3 dropperfuls) in a 24-hour period.

You may combine Kanna Chews with the Kanna Tincture for a stronger, all-day effect. First take a Kanna Chew, then boost with ~10 drops of the Kanna Tincture 60+ minutes later, as needed. Do not exceed 40 drops (2 dropperfuls) after you’ve taken a Kanna Chew.

Be the first to experience KA!’s new tincture when it makes its world debut at Kollectiv on June 17th. 

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