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Functional Wellness Coaching

Functional Wellness Coaching supports clients in enhancing their functional abilities and quality of life. In contrast to most conventional medical approaches, functional wellness uses a model of wellness that is both holistic and preventative. At its core, functional wellness seeks to create the adaptability and resilience that allow us to function well regardless of the stressors in our lives. By using progressive, alternative pathways to address the root causes of symptoms, Functional Wellness Coaching brings together the client and practitioner in a dynamic and therapeutic partnership.

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Nur AlHusayn is a life-long nutrition and wellness junkie. Having first turned to nutritional therapy to manage genetic tendencies, his work has evolved to focus on holistic wellness - the marriage and balance between one’s spiritual, physical, mental and emotional selves that determines overall health.

As your premiere, Functional Wellness Coach, your work with Nur begins with an interview designed to identify your current and potential wellness imbalances and inspire your commitment to vibrant health.  Together, you will collaboratively create a diverse treatment plan that works for you and supports you in achieving your optimal state of wellness, whatever this may look like to you.

By holding a safe space for open sharing, coupled with gentle but steady encouragement, you’ll enjoy an elevated state of wellness by the conclusion of your program. Nurs’ years of practical wellness consulting experience have taught him to skillfully interpret the body's signals and guide clients in responding accordingly.  Stop in today for a free ten-minute discovery consultation. You’ll gain insight into some of the questions your body is posing and the steps you can take to achieve your desired outcome.


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