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  • Red Light Therapy

    Red Light Therapy

    Heal faster, Boost Immunity, Reduce Aging
  • Red Light Therapy

    Red Light Therapy

    Muscle recovery, Mood enhancement, Increase energy
  • Red Light Therapy

    Red Light Therapy

    Relieve pain and inflammation, Optimize sleep, Stimulates Collagen Production







Red Light therapy is the therapeutic science of utilizing red and infrared light wavelengths to assist with the treatment of health conditions, and promote general well-being.

Red Light Therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy) uses red and infrared wavelengths of light to heal faster, boost immunity, reduce aging,  recover quicker and balance moods.

Regenerative Healing

Sunlight includes a component of red light; it is this light wavelength that contributes to the enhanced sense of well-being we experience after a few hours outdoors.

Red light therapy devices harness the regenerative healing red light wavelengths, without the more problematic UVA and UVB light rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

Red light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine:

  • Heal faster
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reduce Aging
  • Muscle recovery
  • Mood enhancement
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve pain and inflammation 
  • Optimize sleep

Therapeutic Benefits

The 660 nm wavelength, often emitted by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), has been extensively researched for its therapeutic benefits. Studies have indicated that this specific wavelength can penetrate the skin and reach the subcutaneous tissue, offering a range of potential health benefits.

For instance, research has shown that 660 nm light can be effective in repairing acute cutaneous wounds[1]. Additionally, this red light has demonstrated potential in accelerating wound healing by promoting the proliferation of various cells, including fibroblasts[2].

Another significant finding is the ability of the 660 nm LED light to prevent ultraviolet (UV)-induced erythema, further highlighting its protective and therapeutic properties[3]. The depth of penetration of this wavelength, reaching the subcutaneous layers, makes it a promising tool for various therapeutic applications, from wound healing to collagen synthesis modulation[4].


Red light therapy is a process of emitting low light wavelengths through the skin. These wavelengths cannot be felt and do not generate any heat upon exposure.

Red light therapy naturally stimulates your body’s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is a key element in cellular regeneration.

This stimulation of ATP along with improved circulation and cellular respiration lends itself to a massive variety of applications with results that are truly life-changing! 

Red Light Therapy uses low levels of red or near-infrared light to help power your cells and promote healing and energy. The low wavelength red light produced by our Red Light Therapy machines can be absorbed by the mitochondria in your body, which are responsible for many important processes in your day to day health, healing abilities, and energy production.

For optimal cellular benefit, including deep tissue treatment, we recommend 20 minutes. Ten minutes for your front, and ten minutes for your back. You will be approximately 6”-12” inches from the device. Time and distance will vary depending on the individual’s response to the therapy.

Red Light Therapy can be used daily.

Red Light Therapy is a painless and relaxing service that takes only ten minutes. It is common to feel gentle warmth during and after your treatment. Over time, and with consistent treatment, you can expect to feel more muscle relaxation, reduced stiffness and inflammation, and pain relief. If any discomfort or excessive sensitivity is felt, please decrease your exposure time or increase the distance.

Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation uses very low levels of heat that do not hurt or burn the skin. Unlike tanning booths, Red Light Therapy won’t expose skin to damaging UV rays. Like all services and modalities at Kollectiv, Red Light Therapy can be an effective tool when used consistently and under the direction of medical guidance.


$42 - 20 min Single Red Light Therapy Session 

$39 - Red Light Add-On To Any Service  (20 minutes)

$99 - Intro Deal: 3 Sessions Red Light- 20 minutes 

$195 - 5 Sessions Red Light-20 minutes (Expires in 3 months) 

$350 - 10 Sessions Red Light- 20 minutes (expires in 6 months)