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Introducing Foria’s New Booty Melts

Foria, the plant-based lifestyle brand that has long been at the forefront of innovation in the sexual wellness industry, today announces the latest addition to its award-winning Intimacy collection – Booty Melts, a first of its kind product designed specifically to provide increased relaxation, pleasurable penetration and internal arousal during anal sex. 

Formulated to make booty play more comfortable, pleasurable and easier than ever, Foria’s all-natural & organic Booty Melts:

  • Supports anal relaxation from within

  • Contains 150mg of broad-spectrum, hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol)

  • Features organic and fair trade cocoa butter and organic jojoba oil for easy insertion

“At Foria, we pride ourselves in offering all-natural and transparently-sourced and tested products, formulated with organic botanicals and broad spectrum CBD from USDA organic and regeneratively grown hemp,” says Gemma DePalma, Foria’s Chief Operating Officer, who spearheaded development of this innovative product. “For this new launch, we added two new ingredients to our beloved Melts formula — Cannabigerol, which enhances comfort in this sensitive area and organic Jojoba Oil, which helps to ease insertion by softening the surrounding skin. We’re excited to be one of the first brands to prioritize making booty play clean and comfortable.”

Founded in 2014, Foria was the first brand to launch cannabinoid-based sexual wellness products and continues to be a pioneer in the sexual wellness category, with offerings formulated to address common experiences and unmet needs across a person’s life span. With a product line built on organic botanicals and broad spectrum CBD from USDA organic and regeneratively grown hemp, Foria effectively created the category for plant-based sexual wellness. As one of the first brands on the market to cater to women’s sexual health and wellness needs, part of Foria’s mission is to continue to make comfort and pleasure accessible to all. 

“Nearly half of the population has experimented in one way or another with butt play, but it’s often regarded as a taboo topic, even within the sexual wellness landscape. Foria’s goal in launching Booty Melts is to support and empower those interested in exploring new avenues for pleasure by offering a unique product that boosts comfort and arousal,” says Foria’s Chief Content Officer, Kiana Reeves. “We’re excited to expand our product offerings to serve an even wider demographic and ensure that sex is pleasurable and accessible for all.” 

About Foria

Foria is an innovative health and sexual wellness company creating life-changing, plant-based sexual wellness formulas for intimacy, period relief and daily wellbeing. Rooted in the belief that pleasure is your nature, Foria is on a mission to make more pleasure accessible to more people, while maintaining the highest standards of transparency – for people, plants, and the planet. 

Through an unwavering commitment to clean ingredients, sex education, and sustainable packaging, Foria crafts formulas rooted in the sensuality of nature and designed to connect you to your body. Offerings include Awaken, Foria’s hero arousal oil, a luxurious Sex Oil, relaxing Bath Salts, Melts, tension-easing Salve for period relief and and much more.

Foria products go through rigorous development and ingredient testing to meet a standard not often seen in the industry – and it is one of the only brands that provides transparent third-party testing reports for all of its ingredients. During this process, if any ingredient doesn’t meet Foria’s standards, it is reformulated or sourced from a different supplier. The brand also provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every product they sell, furthering its commitment to the health and wellness of its community. 

Most recently, as part of Foria’s mission to close the pleasure gap and make pleasure and wellness accessible to all, the brand has expanded its line to include botanical CBD-Free products: including an arousal oil with botanicals and a sensual breast oil.


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