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The Art of Mindful Consumption

March is National Nutrition Month, and as we close out this month we asked NurAlhusayn, our resident Functional Wellness Coach, for a few tips to help us get started on our journey to a better, healthier, more nourished version of ourselves. Check out what he has to say:

I would like to take a brief moment to talk about mindful consumption and where it fits into our daily lives. First off, what is mindful consumption? Mindful consumption is cultivating an energetic relationship with what you consume.  It’s important to develop such a relationship because it already exists with or without being conscious of it.

Would you not desire to see who or what energies are coming and going within your biofield and exerting influence over your thoughts and behaviors? In this simple matter of greater discernment is where mindful consumption shines the most. Through consistent mindfulness practice, it is easier to develop a discerning eye toward thought and behavior patterns that prove to be detrimental to our highest purpose and moreover cut ties with these negative influencers. 

So I don’t know about you, but when I hear these buzzwords like mindfulness ect.,  I instantly think of monks meditating in some remote mountainside monastery. 

However, there is a practical onramp to all possibilities, here are  3 practical tools to get started on your journey toward mindful consumption. 


  1. Read Nutrition labels before consuming anything!
    -And I don’t mean glossing over the macronutrient numbers, Sodium, Fat, Sugar blah blah blah… I mean really endeavoring to learn what went into the finished product that you desire to consume.

  2. Getting clear about what you are putting in your body, don’t just read the ingredients and welp YOLO. – Look into what each ingredient is and weather or not it belongs exerting influence over your body on a cellular level- Hint: Everything is energy!

  3. Utilize your abilities of discernment to begin ascending this information up your chakra meridians into a conscious level of understanding.

For more information on how you can get started on your wellness journey stop into Kollectiv and schedule your Functional Wellness Consultation with resident wellness practitioner NurAlhusayn today.