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Kryo Body

The ancient wisdom of cold therapy has been used for centuries. Exposing the body to extreme cold for short periods of time increases circulation to reduce inflammation and pain. It boosts the immune system, helping you heal faster, while tightening your skin and toning your muscles.

Cryo therapy, otherwise known as cold therapy, is the use of low temperatures in medical and cosmetic therapy. It is a fast and healthy process that accelerates the body’s natural recovery while improving overall wellbeing and energizing the body. Cryotherapy is a dry, non-invasive process that lowers a person’s skin temperature during a session of up to 180 seconds. The benefits of cryotherapy are triggered by skin cooling.


$75 – Introductory Offer 2 for 1 Kryo Body (Expires 1 Month, $75 Discount)

$225 – Introductory Offer Kryo Body 5 Pack (Expires 2 Weeks, $150 Discount)
$75 – Single Session Kryo Body (Expires 1 Month)
$325 – 5 Pack Kryo Body (Expires 3 Months)
$600 – 10 Pack Kryo Body (Expires 6 Months)
$1100 – 20 PACK Kyro Body (Expires 12 Months)
Kryo Facials are particularly geared towards boosting collagen, reducing fine lines and under-eye circles, promoting eyelash growth, and creating a healthy glow. Local or full-body treatments are most effective on sore or injured

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