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Leo season and Lions Gate

By Anais of Mystical Mandrake Root

With the sun in Leo, we are basking under the golden rays of the lion. Leo’s energy feeds the heart and the soul. It supports creative expression, openness, courageous action, and embracing things that bring us joy. Leo can align us with that creative fire within us all, and help us sustain that energy, or reclaim it if we feel like it’s been lost. 

There are so many ways to work with Leo season, and since collective suggestions aren’t one size fits all, you have to find the best way to work with Leo for you. We also have Venus retrograde at the same time, so themes of review, release, rebirth, and renewal are present. 

Some ways to work with Leo season are:

  • Tapping into your creativity, skills, and talents 
  • Spending time outside, visiting places you love 
  • Spending time with loved ones 
  • Surrounding yourself with warmth and love 
  • Tapping into your heart chakra and living from the heart 
  • Tapping into childlike joy, or working with your inner child 
  • Doing things that help remind you of your power and strength 
  • Leo loves collaborations and community, if you are called to these things, this is a great time to do them 
  • If you like working with Tarot, take the strength card out of your deck and place it somewhere you can see it, let it be your guide this season. 

Every year, we meet the Lion’s Gate portal during Leo season. The portal will reach its peak on August 8th. This is considered one of the most auspicious days of the year. Lions gate is a doorway, and its energies can support us in healing work, manifestation, ritual work, and connecting to higher realms. 

This could be a great day to do a ritual, get some healing work, do a guided meditation, make a vision board, tap into the arts, or call in what you wish to attract and manifest in your life. 

About Anais

Anais is an astrologer, teacher, artist, and the founder of Mystical Mandrake Root. Anais offers many services for guidance, creative inspiration and self-empowerment. Join her on On September 14th at Kollectiv for a Full Moon Circle.

Connect with her here: 

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