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Ready to try Neveskin Butt Lift?

Say goodbye to your saggy butt.

NEVESKIN Butt Lift involves 10 weekly sessions that alternate between SHAPE and TONE.  This treatment lifts, tones, and rounds the bottom as well as decreases cellulite.

How does it work?

Alternating between SHAPE and TONE sessions, the NEVESKIN Butt lift lifts, tightens, and tones your bottom. SHAPE uses a pain-free and non-invasive application of alternating warm and cold temperatures to encourage the natural process of destroying unwanted fat cells  resulting in lost inches. Depending on your body, these sessions may focus in slimming inner thighs, saddle bags, under the butt or hips.  

During TONE sessions, freezing temperatures to smooth, lift, tone, and tighten skin, eliminate cellulite and improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance. 

Benefits of NEVESKIN Butt Lift

  • Lifts, tones, and rounds bottom,  including saddle bags, inner thing, under rear, or hips
  • Decreases cellulite
  • Safe, quick and effective
  • No risk of nerve damage or “shelfing”


Week 1: Shaping and toning (toning would be performed on a different day, with  a minimum of 24 hours after the slimming)

Week 2: 1-2 tonings

Week 3: Shaping and toning (toning would be performed on a different day, with  a minimum of 24 hours after the shaping)

Week 4: 1-2 tonings

Continue this pattern until desired results are achieved.

It takes an average of 2 weeks for your body’s lymphatic system to recover and to naturally eliminate the the destroyed fat cells. Therefore the treatment is most effective when there is 2 weeks in between each session.

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. 78% of clients say their results are excellent. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment.

Depending on the individual and their lifestyle and diet, the results last several months or several years.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, drink water and exercise. It is recommended that you drink  1.5 liters of water every day for 14 days after the session.

Try services that promote lymphatic drainage like Compression boots, lymphatic drainage massage and infrared sauna. Please note: you should wait 72 hours after a SHAPE session to use the infrared sauna. It takes about 72 hours for the cellular debris to be present to be flushed out of the system by lymphatic drainage

Anyone with the conditions below should not do SHAPE:

Anyone with severe Raynaud’s syndrome, severe allergy to cold, and progressive diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy), clients with irremovable body piercings in the treatment area, and clients with implants in the treatment area are contraindicated for all NEVESKIN sessions. 

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding is contraindicated for all sessions except the Facial Toning (Absolutely NO body sessions). 

For SHAPE sessions specifically: active cancer, HIV/AIDS, lymphatic disorders, severe kidney and liver disease, uncontrolled diabetes and diabetes-related complications.

When  you are receiving SHAPE, For best results:

  • Avoid all kinds of sugar for 4 – 5 hours before and after the cryo session but 2 hours is the minimum recommended time to get results. 


  • Drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to see the best results.


  • Avoid working out 2 hours before a SHAPE session as this can make it difficult to cool the client down. Working out directly afterward is fine.


  • It is best not to use any lotions before coming to do the treatment because some products can crystallize in the cold and cause discomfort.
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$2950 – 10 sessions NEVESKIN Butt Lift

$5400 – 20 sessions NEVESKIN Butt Lift