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Sound Meditation

for Healing and Transformation

Thursday, May 12 7pm – 8:15pm


Many who have found typical meditation challenging, do find the combination of sound, chakras, and energy to be wonderfully absorbing, calming, and inspiring.

In this evening you will learn about, and experientially explore, Sound Meditation for both healing and inspiration. Sound Meditation can incorporate sounds from many traditions and languages, as well as from one’s own revelation, but this evening we will be focusing on the Five Elements and the Chakras (subtle energy centers) using powerful one-syllable Beej (seed) mantras of the Yoga tradition.

Limited Space


Thomas Amelio intensely studied yogic disciplines in India, where he edited Rajarshi Muni’s classic, “Yoga–The Ultimate Spiritual Path.” He is a founding member of and has been a senior teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for over 30 years, is President Emeritus of the NY Open Center in New York City, and founder of Contemplative Solutions, LLC.

Thomas Amelio