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The Essence of Autumn’s Energy

As we enter into autumn, we are reminded of the balance we seek to create within our own body, mind, and spirit and, between all the complementary forces we experience: the external and internal, connection with others and solitude, activity and replenishing.

Part of autumn’s essence lies in its energies of introspection, and of giving away. Nature creates but then releases its jeweled leaves, its abundant harvest, in an act of great generosity (and in a number of cultures, wealth is gauged by what can be shared). Space is cleared, and Nature retreats into itself in preparation for the next cycle of growth. 

Similarly, we have an opportunity each fall to re-encounter and move into a deeper relationship with ourselves. And to sweep away obstacles so that the shining Self at our core may come forth.

This Self, this core, is our home, our abode. We can look at the sacral chakra as corresponding to this principle of refuge. The Sanskrit name for this subtle energy center in our lower abdomen is svadhisthana. Roughly translating to “one’s own abode”, the sacral chakra is where we hold our creative nature, our desires, sexuality, and how we feel about these deepest parts of ourselves. 

A balanced sacral chakra allows us to feel at home in our own skin, and to shine in the truth of who we are, which is the foundation for healthy intimacy with others. We’re able to trust in our capacity for pleasure as our birthright and can express our emotions with confidence, including setting boundaries that honor both self & others. 

“Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” – Prentis Hemphil

It also is marked by an ability to meet life – with all its emotional risks – with curiosity. We can sit with our feelings as they move through us: we neither shut down and disconnect, nor do we drown in our inner experience, overwhelmed. 

When there is an imbalance, we may know extreme mood swings and can be either clinging or isolating in relation to others. We detach from ourselves as well, and so struggle for external validation. And we experience an inability to cope, or flow, with change.

Yet there are many ways we can nurture our sacral energy and restore its balance. 

  • Make space to go within: cultivate an intimacy with yourself with a brief daily meditation & journaling practice. Find time to be in the grounding presence of the natural world.
  • Investigate your desires: The sacral chakra is where we gestate the truest expression of ourselves and the life we want, and desire is the force behind this creation. Dive into or uncover your longings by allowing yourself creative play, free of critique. Trust that we ALL have creative power in one form or another. Go where your “yeses” are. 
  • Gently open your hips: Hip circles, low lunges and yoga postures such as pigeon, goddess and reclining bound angle help release the physical and emotional tension many of us store in this part of the body. Be sure to breathe mindfully if feelings of vulnerability arise. 
  • Indulge in orange: This is the juicy & joyful color of the sacral chakra. Include orange foods in your meals (wild-caught salmon, tangerines, persimmons, bell peppers, turmeric and fall’s pumpkins, hard squashes, sweet potatoes and carrots). Carnelian is an orange stone that helps open creativity; mookaite supports us in embracing change.
  • Remind yourself: that you are an innately creative being, that joy & pleasure are how you appreciate the blessings of this life, that adaptability grows with practice.
  • Polarity Therapy: A polarity practitioner holds space for us to recognize and release obstacles to the flow of our life force, allowing us to embody who we really are. Incorporating healing modalities such as Ayurveda, reflexology and acupressure, Polarity Therapy uses touch, breathing, exercise, nutritional guidance and counseling to enable shifts in perspective and deep, somatic, healing. Visit us at kollectivnyc.com to learn more & to book an appointment.

And remember that no matter where you are, your inner abode is always available to you. Even a single deep breath brings you back to the sanctuary of your Self.